Skies of Ticivorna


Rustview Under Attack


The crews return to a Rustview as Ashurta’s conquest is already well underway, and the crew of the Tempting Fate reunite with their old captain. They prepare to launch a counter-offensive but how can they hope to win with a small rabble of militia and with Upper Rustview having sealed the spire, leaving the punks to face Ashurta’s wrath alone.

Journal Entries

Marcellus’s Journal – Act XXV
Miles’s Journal – Act XXV
Myer’s Journal – Act XXV
Breaker’s Journal – Act XXV
Silas’ Journal – Act XXV
Gerard’s Journal – Act XXV


Punk Character Points Other Rewards
Gerard Capashin 3
Marcellus Greer Hardyng 3
Miles Cross 2
Myer Barnaby Whittaker 2
Robert “Breaker” Stormsail 2 +1 best journal
Thaddeus Letchford 0
Silas Cage Freeland 3


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