Skies of Ticivorna


A Man of Peace


The crew of the Tempting Fate is reunited after the defeat of the hags Hannah and Gretta, and they must now decide upon Eleanor’s fate. Jord offers to care for the girl, but letting him take her would be putting a great power in the hands of Ashurta. Finding the gentleness of his actions at a stark contrast with the Sorcerer-King, the crew investigates the Utforelse’s past and motivations. What is it that would lead such a kind man to fight aside someone like Ashurta the Bloody?

Journal Entries

Ebenezar’s Journal – Act XLVII
Marcellus’ Journal – Act XLVII
Miles’s Journal – Act XLVII
Myer’s Journal – Act XLVII
Silas’ Journal – Act XLVII


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