Skies of Ticivorna


Witch Hunt


In order to improve his standing in the Engean Military, Private Monroe DunLevy has enlisted the aid of Silas and the rest of the crew of the Tempting Fate to help him track down and apprehend a serial killer using witchcraft to terrorize Rustview. Will the crew be able to track down the killer despite the city’s present leadership by an uncooperative military bureaucracy becoming increasingly intolerant of the threat of magic?

Journal Entries

Ebenezar’s Journal – Act XLIII
Marcellus’s Journal – Act XLIII
Miles’s Journal – Act XLIII
Myer’s Journal – Act XLIII
Silas’ Journal – Act XLIII
Thaddeus’ Journal – Act LIII


dcatoii BrendanJamesWesolowski

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