Skies of Ticivorna


New Faces, New Adventure


Having helped establish the new town, the crew of the Tempting Fate takes their reward and returns to Hammerfall. With Breaker turned, though, the crew is forced to rely on their newest companion, Karl, a werewolf of the Burning Eclipse Tribe who wished to see more of the skies, and knew a thing or two about flying airships from his pirate days. Upon returning to Gestalt, they pick up Ebenezer Simons, who is looking for his next big adventure. They soon head off to find the Statue of Lord Bralainn via Ebenezar’s contact in Brasende, but they have a stop to make in Rustview to pick up their engineer, Thaddeus Letchford, who is ready to return to the skies after helping the recovery effort in his hometown. What adventures await the reborn crew of the Tempting Fate?

Journal Entries

Breaker’s Journal – Act XLII
Marcellus’s Journal – Act XLII
Miles’s Journal – Act XLII
Myer’s Journal – Act XLII
Silas’ Journal – Act XLII
Thaddeus’ Journal – Act XLII


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