Skies of Ticivorna

Act XI

Begin the Attack


The crew of the Tempting Fate has divided into two teams and begun their assault on the [Iron Fortress]. As the pirates scrambled to find the source of the smoke bomb bombardment, Miles, Marcellus, and Coldfire Claire began winding their way through tunnels infested with bronze spiders to infiltrate the base . Will the Tempting Fate be able to evade the pirates, and will the infiltration team be able to survive and recover Claire’s Grandfather’s ship?

Journal Entries

Marcellus’s Journal – Act XI
Miles’s Journal – Act XI
Breaker’s Journal – Act XI
Thaddeus’s Journal – Act XI


Punk Character Points Other Rewards
Marcellus Greer Hardyng 2 -1 Invoke “Cool Under Pressure”
Miles Cross 3
Robert “Breaker” Stormsail 1
Thaddeus Letchford 2


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